Backup Generator Installations in Des Moines, IA

Reliable Power Around the Clock

Wired Solutions brings you the best generator installations, keeping your home powered through any outage. Trust our certified experts for seamless setup and maintenance, ensuring your comfort is never disrupted.

Professionally Installed Generator for Your Property

Navigating generator options can be overwhelming, but Wired Solutions makes it simple. Our seasoned electricians specialize in generator selection, installation, and service to ensure your home has reliable power when needed. With precise diagnostics and transparent communication, we deliver a service that fulfills and anticipates your energy needs.

Transparent Process

You'll be informed every step of the way; our clear communication means you understand the generator installation from consultation to completion. We believe in keeping you connected to your power solutions.

Specialized Expertise

Your generator is expertly chosen and installed by certified technicians. Our mastery of generator services guarantees your setup is optimized for safety and longevity.

Full Protection

With Wired Solutions, your generator investment is secure. Our licensed and insured professionals mean every installation is covered, giving you assurance and peace of mind.

Professional and Honest

It was great working with Justin. We appreciated his professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to honesty.

Cainon Leeds

Reliable Backup Generators

Uninterrupted Comfort

Never worry about power outages again. Wired Solutions equips your home with robust standby generators, ensuring your life remains on track, even when the grid goes down. Enjoy the tranquility of uninterrupted service, whether for work, comfort, or peace of mind.

Your assurance of continuous electricity.
A standby generator installed outside, representing custom electrical services related to electrical systems.

Guaranteed Generator Reliability

At Wired Solutions, our promise extends to the enduring performance of our home generators and standby generators. We back every installation with a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all parts and labor, ensuring your energy security and more power are never in doubt. Our commitment is to provide the right generator for your entire home, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply.

You won't pay for the visit if our service doesn't resolve your generator issue. With us, your power stays on, or it's on us. Whether it's a portable unit for a camping trip or a specific model for heavy-duty usage, trust us for reliable access to electricity.

A modern two-story house with bright lights at night and no inverter generator or solar panel suggests reliance on the critical power grid appliance.

Is Your Home Generator Ready?

Team up with Wired Solutions in Des Moines for unmatched generator solutions. Our certified electricians ensure your home is prepared for any power interruption, with efficiency and reliability at the core of our work.